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Stale Cheese can increase life span and prevent liver cancer?

Stale cheese such as cheddar, brie or Parmesan can increase the life span and prevent liver cancer, the results of latest research have shown.

The study of A&M University from Texas has discovered that these cheeses have compound know as spmermidine, which prevents replication of damaged liver cells and fibrosis, accumulation of tissue that shows at most organ diseases including hepatocelular carcinoma which is the most common type of liver cancer.

After experimenting on mice, the researchers have discovered that their life span has increased 25 percent. If spermidine would have the same effect on humans, the human life span would be increased from average of 81 years to 100 years.

Scientists have come to a conclusion that regular consuming of food such as mushroom, soy, legumes and integral grain can have similar effects.

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