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New medicine for untreatable breast cancer slows down the spreading of cancer cells

New medicine for breast caner reduces the spreading of tumor for more than 40 percent, the new study has shown.

The medicine called Olaparib gives some hope to women who live with untreatable form of breast cancer and on average prolongs life for about 3 months.

The pills that are taken 2 times a day are compared to standard chemotherapy for patients with in advanced phases of breast cancer with mutation on BRCA genes.

60 percent of patients that have taken the mentioned medicine, it has been noticed the reduction of the tumor, in comperison with 29 percent of those who were receiving chemotherapy.

Professor Andrew Tat, the director of research center “Breast Cancer Now” in the Institute for Cancer Research in London, considers that this is “fantastic news”.

“Olaparib is already available for women with BRCA mutation, in the advanced phases of ovarian cancer. That is the firs medicine for which is believed it is pointed against inherited genetic mutations. We are getting better and better at curing patients who have been diagnosed early with breast cancer, but in late phases, treatment is much harder” – Tat says.

Olaparib is a part of a new class of drugs known as PARP inhibitors. Capsules are originally made by institute where Professor Tart works.

The work by blocking the protein for “fixing” of DNA known as PARP, which leads to death of breast cancer cells.

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