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Can Marijuana be an Effective Cancer Treatment? reports that marijuana can be an effective treatment for cancer, per results from numerous small studies conducted observing the herb and cancer patients. Studies also prove that marijuana kills cancer cells in mice, through additional testing and research is needed to learn the effects in human cancer cells. Anyone who is battling cancer may very well find that marijuana provides them some of the absolute best cancer treatment techniques around.

The Evidence is Revealed

Small studies conducted by various research labs conclude that marijuana can treat vomiting and nausea associated with chemotherapy. It is also found that marijuana may be beneficial in the treatment of neuropathic pain that is caused by damaged nerves. These studies, as well as many others conducted before them, all conclude that patients using marijuana in their course of treatment use less pain medication that patients who do not treat with marijuana.

Marijuana contains more than 100 different cannabinoids that each provide a different reaction. Two of those cannabinoids, THC and CBD, have been reported to stop the growth of certain types of cancers when grown in a laboratory and during mice and rat testing. It is also concluded that these cannabinoids slow the growth of some forms of cancer and reduce the risk of it spreading to other areas of the body. THC and CBD are also responsible for the reduction in pain, enhanced mood and relaxation, and many other amazing benefits that users of marijuana enjoy.

The Proven Cannabinoids

In addition to CBD and THC, other cannabinoids that have been proven effective and healing pain associated with cancer, as well as other symptoms, include CBG, cbda, CBCA, and thca. These substances have been proven to lower inflammation, decrease anxiety, reduce pain, and improve mood, all without the high that you get when ingesting THC.  Currently, there is a cannabis extract by the name of Nabiximols  in Canadian marijuana dispensary Green Panther that has been approved to relieve pain for cancer patients as well as patients with multiple sclerosis.

Marijuana is a preferred method of treatment for many patients who are suffering from cancer because they report that it helps give them an appetite they wouldn’t otherwise have. They say that marijuana improves their sleep and oftentimes make it possible for them to get a bit of shut eye, thanks to relaxation and elimination of the pain. Marijuana users say they have an enhanced quality of life when using the treatment for their cancer pains.

The NCI Weighs In

Even the National Cancer Institute agrees that marijuana has some pretty significant benefits to those who are bothered and suffering with cancer. Cannabinoids also provide benefits and include the blocking of cell growth, the prevention of growth of blood vessels that cause tremors, that it bites viruses, it serves an anti-inflammatory, and also alleviates muscle spasms.  The National Cancer Institute also agrees that cannabis can improve the mood and overall sense of well-being when it is consumed.

Cancer patients who use cannabis to alleviate some of their symptoms also noticed that they have an increased appetite, that they vomit less,  and that they sleep better when it is time to go to bed. The NCI also acknowledges that these benefits are offered to those who use cannabis to relieve some of the symptoms of cancer treatment. Cancer patients using marijuana report they feel better and can do more in their life when this substance is used. Improvement of life is important for anyone who is battling this disease.

More Cannabis  & Cancer Studies

Throughout the years, many studies have been conducted concerning marijuana and the medical benefits that it provides. In almost every study, it has been concluded that marijuana is effective in alleviation of many of the signs and symptoms that accompany cancer and its various treatment. This Includes a 1996 stuyf of the ingredients inside cannabinoids, providing that it blocks certain types of cancers. A 2003 study proved that CBD can increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy. A study in 2004 proved that marijuana protects the colon. ANd, in 2011, the American Association for Cancer Research showed that CBD killed cells associated with breast cancer without harming any of the normal breast cells. It can also reduce the growth of live cancer cells. These studies are just a few that have been conducted over the years that prove marijuana is indeed beneficial in many ways for patients suffering from cancer.

The Bottom Line

Although more research is being conducted and certainly needed to give us a clear understanding of marijuana and its results on cancer relief, enough evidence exists today to know that it is a beneficial treatment that patients who are suffering from cancer should consider. When used in combination with other cancer treatments, patients can certainly enhance their overall well-being.



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