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Antibiotics as treatment for cancer

Regular family dinner has turned into a revolutionary discover once Michael Lisanthy has asked his daughter how would she cure cancer?

Camilla has said that she would take some antibiotic, just like she has sore throat.

Her parents who are the scientists that are trying to find cure for this dangerous disease, were skeptical at the beginning, but they decided to test the theory of their daughter in their lab at University of Manchester. It turned out that few often used antibiotics successfully kills most of the dangerous cancer cells.

Some of the antibiotics stop cells to create mitochondria,  small spaces that give cells energy, and it has been proven that cancer cells have high number of mitochondria which allow tumors to grow.

This discovery has pointed to the results of earlier studies that have proved that patients who suffered from lung cancer have lived longer after their therapy has included antibiotics.

Profesor Lisanthy has said that antibiotics could be not so expensive and efficient part of the cancer treatment.

For further research on humans, he needs funds, and if it turns out they are really good in fighting cancer, they could later on also be used as a prevention for the disease itself.

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